Laxmikant Dhotre

16 July 1971 ♋ Cancer

Mumbai, India

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About Me:

I'm single, never married male, aged 51, honest, trustworthy, excellent communication skills, have desire to marry a Russian woman. I do not have any children and I am living a lonely life for the past 8 years. My parents have passed away and I do not have any siblings so I practically a free bird to fly anywhere and settle down with a caring partner till both grow old.

I may not be a handsome hunk and don't have an attractive hair- style (I'm next to being bald and have grey hair). Neither I have a masculine figure, I am slim by physique and not a bulky man that usually others are after crossing age of 50.

I'm currently employed and work as an assistant in an office. I get paid approximately 10000 rubles per month. I don't know if that is good payment or not, but I am surviving in this amount as I am alone currently alone and don't have any financial responsibilities or burdens on me.

I'm clean, fortunately in good health with no ailments like blood pressure, diabetes.

Primary information

Purpose why i am here:
— resident son-in-law (Ghar Jamai)
Cast & Subcast:
Mobile Number:
5,6 ft (169-171 cm)
I am Unmarried (Never Married)

More Information

Academic degree
— Employed
Occupation & Income Details:

office assistant in Astrology Center, salary Rs. 10,000 per month

Hair length:
skin complexion type:
Place of residence:
No permanent residence
Physical Disability:
— No, I am Fit & Fine
Blood Group:

I am looking for

Expected Religion:
— Christian
— Hindu
— Jain
— Sikh
Expected Partner's Education:
— School
— Some colllege
— High level
— Academic degree
Ready to Intercast ?:
— Yes, I am ready for Intercast
Preferred age:
— 26-30
— 31-35
— 36-40
— 41-50
Expected Occupation:
— Job in Company
— Job in Govt. Sector
— Job in private firm
— Business Owner
— Already Wealthy
— Self Employee
— Professional
Finance Expectations:
I am looking for a sponsor
— Unmarried
— Divorced
— Widow /Widower
— Saperated
— Married
Whom I want to find:

Seeking a single woman that is loving and caring, a woman that knows and understand the meaning of being in a committed relationship and has the desire to live through the relationship with complete honesty, integrity and intimacy.