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Rajesh Varne

Placed: January 8, 2023

Subject : Common

Name: Rajesh B Varne Interested in: Gharjamai My complication: Fare. Mob: 8073200208 Email I High: 5.5ft. Wight: 68kg. Cast: Bhavasara Kshatriya Religion: Hindu Seeking for widow Preferably Divorcee, Middle-aged and unmarried once with property and income sources, without Kids. Your Property: Aim not interested but I can Support her in managing her wealth. My Exaptation From you: true love, care & Loyalty. My commitment you: true love, care & Loyalty. Our commitment: Live to gather with true love, care & Loyalty forever only. Star symbol Libra

Rajesh B Varne

49 years old  

Bengaluru, India