Gnyaan, 23 March 1983, Bengaluru, India


23 March 1983 ♈ Aries

Bengaluru, India

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Words are too less to Express Myself. Going on Describing me will be Endless Everlasting. So I need not give any Appeasing Build-up of Pleasing Projection.
Good Guy=Being Human I am not Greater than God and Guru, Beautiful than Creation and Nature, Intelligent than Creator and Universe.
Respected Brides, Females, Girls, Ladies and Women's.
Marrying the Right Good Person of your Choice is important so follow Safety Secure Guidelines mentioned below->
1.Be aware of Fake and Fraudulent Persons and Profiles.
2.Be aware of Cheaters and Physcopathic Harrasers and Human Kidnappers and Human Trafficking Pimps.
3.Dont believe any 1 unknown persons easily and dont meet any 1 alone in lonely Haunted places. Do meetings only in public places where more people exist. Before trusting and meeting new unknown person check, confirm, enquire and know the detailed background of unknown persons.
4. Finally be aware of Human Trafficking, Human Smuggling and Love Jihaad.