anjli singh, 1 January 1980, Indore, India

anjli singh

1 January 1980 ♑ Capricorn

Indore, India

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saw many rides. I went on all the rides and played.
I also swam in a river and I climbed up a hill. I
saw butterflies and many colourful flowers. The
garden was very beautiful and I thought that it
was the perfect place to be.Observe the traffic and pollution,
where is its solution?
I see in my own neighbourhood this sight,
it’s not a matter to be taken light.
I see the leave and trees crying,
and the burnt fallen leaves lying.
I wish that it stops soon,
otherwise we’ll have to take refuge on the moon.
Plant trees and take care of them,
so that our lives don’t go in vain.
Aditi, 13 years
JharkhandYou get dignity, When you stop thinking wrong When you do what you learn right You can live dignified, When you live a lifestyle that, matches your vision. You can get di